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Cosmetic tattoo & Semi-Permanent eyebrows tattoo removal by Master. Areeya

  ALJEE REMOVAL: is different than other eyebrow tattoo removal in the market because we designed it with maximum skincare, as much as the current technology allowed. The old tattoo will slowly disappear step by step as shown in the product manual. The benefit that makes us different than others are as follow

1. It can be used to remove the old tattoo and rebuild the new tattoo right away. No more problems of missing eyebrows that make you ashamed to go out and have to wait a long time before you can have a new eyebrow tattoo. If your old tattoo color is very dark we recommended reducing the color tone down once or twice first.

2. No more skin burn or red spots like other acid removal methods. The product is designed specifically for eyebrow tattoo removal and does not contain any acid so you can be sure that your skin will not get burnt.

3. It does not contain skin color pigment that permanently stays in your skin. ALJEE-S (Sun protection) designed to protect your skin from UV rays and will disappear slowly within 2-4 weeks, our customer guarantee that Aljee-S will disappear by itself.

The reason that makes ALJEE REMOVAL cannot remove a tattoo in one session

1. The tattoo was in dark brown or dark black.

2. The tattoo was in the deep skin layer.

3. Used the wrong product e.g. used body tattoo color ink to make eyebrow tattoo.

4. Tattoo that has been removed by acid before, the top layer of skin will be damaged and will appear red. This area cannot be removed with our product because our product is designed to eliminate color pigment. The product itself cannot remove scars or damage from acid.

5. The technical skill of tattoo artists.

      5.1 Using non-effective anesthetic or used in the wrong order. (In common language – the tattooist doesn’t know how to use the drug.) When the customer feels the pain they can’t cooperate with the procedure, which makes the artist unable to continue the procedure, therefore the removal process is not effective or cannot remove the tattoo. With this problem, the artist needs to relearn or to see our E-learning video at our website

      5.2 After removal customer did not give correct care to the removal area. Suggestion: The area of removal needs special care after the procedure e.g. avoid contract with water and apply antiseptic cream the first 1 – 7 days and after 5 days of the procedure the artist needs to advise the customer to apply the anti-scar gel in the morning and evening for 3 – 4 weeks and if the customer has to exposed to sunlight advise them to apply sunscreen lotion if not the skin will not heal properly and leave a black spot.

     If the problem arose from cause 1-3 it may need 2 – 3 sessions to remove the tattoo each session needs to be 3-4 weeks in between. After 2-3 sessions or customer has come to satisfaction with the result the removal process can be stopped and it will not affect your skin regeneration process. Because our skin regenerates every day which makes ALJEE REMOVAL SET is the best effective and safest eyebrow removal product

  • ALJEE REMOVAL is a safe and gentle product suitable for tattoo artists to use in editing, redrawing, rebuilding, or general fixing of the new tattoo eyebrow. The advantages of the product are.
  1. It can be used to remove the color that laser removal processes cannot remove e.g. skin color, yellow.
  2. It can be used to tone down the color previously applied.
  3. It does not destroy skin cells, does not create scars or holes in the skin.
  4. It does not contain fruit acid (AHA) which makes it safer for skin cells.
  5. Even the case where the product cannot remove eyebrow tattoo in 1 session (in the case where the color is very dark and drawn deep into the skin layer) at least the customer can have removed some part of the eyebrow that they do not like. And can have a new eyebrow redrawn for them, making their psychological condition improve a little. Most of our customers are happy with the new eyebrow than the one they already have.
  • Our objective of creating this product is to help customers who already drew an eyebrow tattoo and it is not suitable for their appearance e.g. too dark. one size bigger than the other, gigantic cartoon eyebrows, etc. Which will bring their confidence in life down significantly when they have no confidence they will not go out and may this even lead to depression.

   Even more is that in some cases after many times of fixing it leaves, the procedure leaves a scar behind which makes life even harder, and some even use skin color to draw over the tattoo, which makes matters even worse.

“ Therefore Master Areeya who, after seeing all of the problems, she knew she had to come up with the new invention of the technique that can remove and redraw a new eyebrow at the same time to help make a life for the customer who suffers from a bad tattoo eyebrow a bit easier and hopefully back to normal. ”

ALJEE REMOVAL Set consists of

1. ALJEE Serum 6 ml.

2. ALJEE S (sun protection) 12 ml.

Both products are designed to be used together in 1 : 2 proportion, which is Aljee Serum for 1 fraction and Aljee-S  2 fractions. After mixing the two products together, use tattoo round needle 5 Point Liner or 7 Point Liner to tattoo on the skin where you need to remove.

  • ALJEE Serum usually permeates through skin cells well. In order to affect perfectly with the *basal layer, it needs to be used with a tattoo machine by a professional tattoo artist. The tattoo artist will tattoo Aljee Serum + Aljee-S into skin cells deep down to the tattooed layer that you need to remove. The serum will fade the tattooed color in the skin cell and promote the exfoliation process mildly.
  • ALJEE-S will protect the area from sunlight and pollution. When Aljee-S is mixed with Aljee Serum which is a pink color cream, the pink color will stay on the skin and it will peel off the dead skin naturally by the exfoliation process within 1-2 weeks (depends on the skin condition of each person). This color won’t stick in the skin cells because the Aljee Serum will spread into and absorb the tattooed color then remove the tattooed color and Aljee-S by the exfoliation process. Therefore, Aljee-S is like artificial platelets that will protect the skin cells from UV radiation’s sunburn and peel off the skin naturally.

   *Basal layer is the deepest layer of the five layers of the epidermis which covers the Basal layer. The basal layer creates keratinocyte cells to replace old cells that deteriorate into stratum conium.

Thus, a person who uses this method for tattoo removal will not get any scar or skin burn and the natural eyebrow will not be removed. This tattoo removal works efficiently because it will keep the original structure of skin cells due to the products being designed to be tender and harmless for skin, and also this tattoo removal method won’t leave scars after use.

  • Factors that ALJEE REMOVAL SET cannot remove tattooed color in one time are as follows;

    1. The tattooed colors are dark brown or black.

    2. The artist puts the ink too deep.

    3. The quality of tattooed color is bad (Bad ink)

      According to the above factors, tattoo removing needs to be repeated over and over for the best result. You should wait around 3-4 weeks after each removal session before doing it again.  After 2-3 times, if you are satisfied with the outcome, you can stop and there will not be any side effects to skin cells because new skin cells regenerate every day.

    As you can see, ALJEE REMOVAL SET is an efficient and harmless eyebrow tattoo removal treatment.


1. Standard or hygienic tattoo pen machine that is clean and safe to prevent skin infection.

2. The Needle to use it’s 5 Round Liner or 7 Round Liner.   

3. Color Palette or Tattoo Ink Palettes

4. Color Mixing Machine

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Tattoo Removal Steps

  1. Clean and apply local anesthetic the skin area that you want to remove the tattoo. (This step is the same with eyebrow tattoo preparation) For the person who passed the eyebrow tattoo training, you can follow your training steps.
  2. At the time to start removing (around 30 minutes), mix removal liquid in 1:2 proportion as follows;

2.1 Drops ALJEE Serum on the color palette 1 drops

2.2 Drops ALJEE-S on the color palette 2 drops ( don’t forget shake bottle well  before the drops to the palette)

2.3 Mix both liquids together ( You may use a small color mixing machine to mix the 2 liquids together easier )

3. Use a needle 5 Round liner or 7 Round liner install the needle to tattoo pen machine and dip the needle onto the palette then apply around the tattooed area that you need to remove. The liquid will be absorbed into the skin by using the tattoo machine process, quickly. Do it again on the area of the skin 3 times to make sure that it covers all the areas.

4. Leave tattoo removal liquid on the skin for 5 minutes and then clean it with the color cleaning liquid by following the steps of eyebrow tattoo training.

Tattoo Removal After Care Steps

After the removal, do not let water get onto the eyebrows for 5 days and apply Vaseline onto skin 4-5 times per day.

Suggestion: 7 days after the procedure for eyebrow color removal we suggest you apply ALJEE SCAR GEL to heal any dark spots and to prevent scars. Apply the gel continually for 4 weeks – 2 times a day (Day-Night).

Redo eyebrow tattoo technique after removal

ALJEE REMOVAL SET is designed for eyebrow tattoo removing, adding more color or tattooing a new eyebrow overlapping the treated skin area (Use tattoo machine only). In the case that the previous tattooed color is not completely removed, you can use the removal liquid to remove any color in that area one more time. After that, you can make a follow appointment with your customer to remove any remaining previous tattooed color and emphasize tattoo lines of a new tattoo eyebrow within 3-4 weeks after removal

More Than 1 Time Removal

Since ALJEE REMOVAL SET is designed to be tender and harmless for the skin, this tattoo removal method won’t leave scars after use. The color of the previous tattoo might not be completely removed at one time; you can repeat it again and again until you are satisfied. You should wait around 3-4 weeks after each removal treatment procedure before doing it again

**The stained color of Aljee-S will fade naturally around 1-2 weeks depending on the skin condition. If the tattoo artist tattooed the removal area too deep, the color will appear on skin for 1-2 months.

In the work of removal and redrawing eyebrow businesses, we need to understand the skin conditions of customers because when we understand we can fix the problem far more easily. The main reason of the problem often comes from a different skin condition, for example.

Oily – mix skin. :

It is hard to draw a tattoo if we draw a big eyebrow when some ink disappears the eyebrow will look blurred.


Have to explain to the customer before the session if possible recommend to them to do the shading tattoo eyebrows is better than the micro-blading tattoo.

Dry – normal skin :

It is easy to draw the line and is clear, even if some ink disappears it still looks good.


This type of skin has an advantage because the artist can do both tattoo or slide eyebrow.

Solution and techniques of eyebrow tattoo edit/removal

  • Deep black eyebrow – non-balanced eyebrow.

The deep black color is the color that is hardest to remove. To remove the whole thing without redrawing a new tattoo will use more sessions, and each session has to be a month in between (how many sessions depends on how dark and how deep of the tattoo.)

Suggestion:  Remove the whole thing and design a new eyebrow tattoo can remove and redraw a new one the right way, or make a shading eyebrow which is a better way to have a nice looking eyebrow because it is easier to control the color than a tattooed one. After 4 weeks we can make an appointment for customers to come in and remove the area around their eyebrow little by little, once a month or until they reach their satisfaction.

  • Deep black eyebrow – but the eyebrow is looking good.

This case is easy to fix. And can be done by fixing the color tone by using the ALJEE REMOVAL product. Video how-to and technique is made for this topic at

  • Skin color tattoo on the eyebrow

Skin color ink designed to be used as a tool to hide a tattoo. The more times it has been used on the skin the harder it is to remove and requires more sessions. If no longer than 1 year it has a chance to be completely removed if longer than that we can only make it look less obvious.


  • If customers have tried to remove tattoos by other methods before, they must wait at least 3 months before trying Aljee removal.
  • After the procedure, do not forget to apply Aljee-S and Aljee Serum (and leave it on without cleaning).

Treatment after the procedure of tattoo removal.

  1. Do not let the removal area come in contact with water for 5 – 7 days.
  2. Before washing your face in the morning. Apply a layer of Vaseline on the removal area to protect it from water.
  3. Every Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, you need to apply lightly Bepantane cream (antiseptic cream ) for 3 – 5 days.
  4. After 7 days you must apply Aljee-Scar-Gel to reduce the chance of having scars and help the skin to heal quicker. Recommended applying in morning and evening for at less 1 month.

Recommendation: you can’t go sunbathing, sauna or swimming for the next four weeks. But you can go to the gym after 2 days, after the procedure. ” On the same day not really”. But after 2 days you can go to the gym.


     After tattoo removal, do not use any product that contains Acid. Example, vitamin A acid, AHA, BHA or any whitening cream for at least 3 months and apply sunscreen every time you are exposed to sunlight.


Question – Answer and advice

From Master. Areeya.
“ These questions are the most frequently asked. For those who want to remove their tattoo eyebrow asked Master Areeya. The Master would like to give a summary answer to them and be used as a guideline and advice to tattoo artists for the best result for this to work. ”

Q : Can the product remove all tattoo in one session ?

A:  If the tattoo uses a light color or not tattoo too deep is maybe possible to remove only one session.

Q:  How many times for the complete removal?

A:   If your original tattooed color on the eyebrows is black or brown or you used body tattoo ink and the tattoo ink is in the deep skin layer it will need more than 2 sessions to remove but how many times in total. It cannot be answered.
How to:  You have to try to remove for the customer one time first then you can evaluate how many times remaining for the complete removal.

Q:  After removal of the tattoo eyebrow there are some red spots remaining. What and why it is.

A: It often happens from tattoo artists forgetting the last procedure of applying ALJEE-S on the removal area. Master. often informs the artist in most of the video that ALJEE-S  is used to protect the area of skin from sunlight and pollution.

How to fix it? The correct method is to apply the serum and leave it on without cleaning. After that “ALJEE-S” will slowly be absorbed and disappear within 2-4 weeks or more if the tattoo is in deep skin layers. But this is the best way to heal your skin and protect it from developing the red spots.

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